Admission Open - 2020 for class P.G to 8th

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Core Philosophy

Aligarh City School is no Ordinary School but an Institution which is dedicated to create the leaders of tomorrow by giving them enough opportunity to explore within and outside.

In Aligarh City School we believe that every child is intelligent and has the capacity to excel if he/she is guided properly. Education must be fostered from within.

Our Culture

All the academic programs and activities at Aligarh City School Aligarh work towards one purpose - to help students develop lives of significance for themselves and for others, true to the traditions of the School Motto "CREATING OUR OWN HORIZONS”.

This contributes to a strong sense of community life, so characteristic of the school. In other words, children belonging to every strata of society are given the opportunity to study here. The school does not in any way, discriminate on the basis of race, colour, religion, sex, caste or creed, in the implementation of its admission policy.